[Netarchivesuite-users] more upload errors

Bjarne Andersen netarkivet at statsbiblioteket.dk
Mon Jul 28 09:42:17 CEST 2008

For me it looks like the ARCRepository does the right thing - uploads the files AND sends "Store OK" back to the harvester. It seems that 
the harvester does not get that "Store OK" JMS-message - so it times out and tries the same file again (3 times)

While uploading could you check how many applications is connected to the JMS-broker on each JMS-queue. This is done with:
/opt/sun/mq/bin/imqcmd list dst -u admin -passfile $PASSFILE

where the file pointed at by $PASSFILE should contain one line:

the default password should be: admin - meaning that your $PASSFILE will have the following line:

The output from imqcmd command should state if the harvester and the ARCRepository are connected in the right way to the JMS-broker

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Martin Bella wrote:
> Hi Eld,
> sorry for creating another thread. I did not get the answer in email form, but
> I can see it in the "Netarchive-users archives".
> Concerning the wrong checksum, you were right, now it works. Thanks.
> Conserning the second problem, I always start JMS as described in the
> Installation manual and I use the latest version of JMS, but the problem
> resists. Is there anything else (logs,...) I can send you to solve
> this?
> Best,
> Martin Bella
> University Library in Bratislava
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