[Netarchivesuite-devel] Hiccup with NetarchiveSuite Quick Start

Søren Vejrup Carlsen svc at kb.dk
Thu Mar 22 11:31:23 CET 2012

Hi Pranay.
Each application writes serious problems it encounters during startup to a file called start_Application.log
In this case you should look at the file start_ViewerProxyApplication.log found in the root of the installation directory.
This should give you a clue to what the problem is. If it doesn't say you anything, send the logfile to me.

Best Regards
Søren Vejrup Carlsen
Developer of Netarchivesuite

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Emne: [Netarchivesuite-devel] Hiccup with NetarchiveSuite Quick Start

Hello Group,

I am trying to setup the NetarchiveSuite on a linux (ubuntu) box following the instructions from http://netarchive.dk/suite/Quick%20Start%20Manual%203.14.

While all the steps seem to go OK, running the startall_NATIONAL_LIBRARY.sh script throws an exception in thread "main" starting the last application - ViewerProxyApplication.
Starting linux application: ViewerProxyApplication
Exception in thread "main" --------------------------------------------

And I suspect, consequently, the proxy configuration doesn't work as expected.

No log entry is generated for this exception and thus little harder for me to figure out what exactly is going wrong.

Would appreciate any help on this!


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