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sara.aubry at bnf.fr sara.aubry at bnf.fr
Tue Feb 16 15:27:13 CET 2010

Hi Eleonora,

We had to face the same problem at BnF for several jobs. 

NS runs activity checks (see 
to see what kind of checks)
and if it finds there has been no activity for a configurable period of 
time (inactivityTimeout  and noResponseTimeout ), NS terminates the job.
The "Stopped due to" field for many domains is marked as "Harvesting 

We spent quite a bit of time to analyse the problem with Soren's help and 
found no other solution than desactivate 
this checks by raising inactivityTimeout  and noResponseTimeout  to very 
high values.


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[Netarchivesuite-users] Harvesting aborted

Dear all, 

thank you very much for your support so far. I have another question 
regarding our domain crawl: we have a job in which for many seeds the 
"Stopped due to" field says "Harvesting aborted". I know that this happens 
when a job has been terminated through the Heritrix interface, but I can't 
recall having done that recently. In which other conditions, if any, does 
this happen? 

Many thanks in advance, 


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