[Netarchivesuite-users] Two concurrent jobs

Bjarne Andersen netarkivet at statsbiblioteket.dk
Fri May 30 10:22:55 CEST 2008

You need to instantiate more harvester-controllers. One server can easily run more than one instance.

In netarchive.dk we have 5 servers - each running:
  - 3 HIGHPRIORITY instances
  - 1 LOWPRIORITY instances

The HIGHPRIORITY is for selective jobs and the LOWPRIORITY is for snap shot jobs (larger crawls)

If you do not intend to do snap shot harvesting I see no problem why you should not be able to run maybe 5 HIGHPRIORITY instances on the 
same server - this should allow for you to harvest 5 jobs simultaneously

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Peter Moser wrote:
> Hello!
> I have another question. I have two harvest definitions running (both 
> for selective crawling). One definition contains a lot of 
> configurations, which take more than 6 hours to harvest. The definition 
> contains just one configuration with one url which is fetched in two 
> minutes. I want to harvest the first definition daily and the second 
> defnition every hour. The problem now ist that a job for the second 
> definition will postponed till the job of the first definition is 
> finished. What can I do that jobs for the 2nd definition will crawled 
> every hour, no matter how long the daily crawl of the first definition 
> will last?
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