[Netarchivesuite-users] JMX Monitoring

Søren Vejrup Carlsen svc at kb.dk
Wed Jul 2 15:28:08 CEST 2008

What version of java are you using?
It could be an issue with the jconsole bundled with java
A question: Jconsole does not seem to have a "-debug" flag in the versions of Sun Javam I know of.

What about the credentials for the montorRole on the remote machine (stored in conf/jmxremote.passwd).
Have you checked that they are correct.


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> I try to monitor the processes via jmx with jconsole. That 
> works fine, 
> when I use it on the localhost. But when I try to access a remote 
> machine by using the comman jconsole -debug it fails with the message 
> "Connection refused to host:" although I am not trying to 
> connect to localhost. I am trying to connect with the following URL:
> service:jmx:rmi://wc01:8200/jndi/rmi://wc01:8100/jmxrmi
> where wc01 is my host, which I want to monitor, 8200 is my 
> rmi port and 
> 8100 my jmx port on that machine. All firewall rules a deactivated 
> between this wc01 and the calling machine and I also used the 
> user/password from jmxremote.password.
> Does anybody an idea what the problem could be?
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