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Søren Vejrup Carlsen svc at kb.dk
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Hi Darius.
1) The next bitarchive directory (bitarchive2)  will only be used, when the bitarchive1 directory is full (i.e has less than 200000000 free bytes left).
2)All files will be stored in the /home/bitarchive1/filedir directory, which is created automatically if it does not exist in the first place. 
I hope, this answers your question
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Hello all, 
I have a question about bitarchive directories. I define 4 directories for bitarchive in setting.xml like this: 


First it uses bitarchive1. It is not clear for me when next bitarchive directory will be used. After how much data harvester starts using it? Will it be made more subdirectories in bitarchive or all files will be saved under bitarchive directory? 

Thank you in advance, 

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