[Netarchivesuite-devel] RE Migration of GForge issues to SBForge JIRA finished

Mikis Seth Sørensen mss at statsbiblioteket.dk
Thu Mar 17 08:49:49 CET 2011

Hi Nicolas

The account from Gforge has been migrated, but the password hasn't, so you
might have to use the 'Forgot my password link to access your password.

After login you can change your SBForge (SSO) password by:

* Click the dropdown for your name in the top right corner.
* Select profile
* Click 'Change Password'


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Subject:  [Netarchivesuite-devel] RE Migration of GForge issues to SBForge
JIRA finished

Hi Mikis,

Great news! Now, do we need to create
an account, or have the accounts from SBForge been created too?

Best regards,

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