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Wed Mar 11 16:47:48 CET 2015

Dear all,

We have already mentioned a research project in relation to our crawl on 
the First World War, and as it has now got underway here are a few more 
details. We started work on this project in January, with the arrival of a 
researcher employed by one of our partners, the university Télécom 
ParisTech. Using the collections created by the WWI crawl, the research 
project aims to analyse the use and the circulation on the web of 
digitised images put online by the BnF and other heritage institutions. It 
will also create a cartography of sites relating to the First World War.

For the BnF, this project is an opportunity to put in place the creation 
of WAT metadata files, and to experiment with the creation of data mining 
services for researchers. We are working to identify the data and metadata 
needed and how to provide them in a way that makes them accessible for 
researchers, and we will be aiming to take the tools and approaches used 
in this project and to make them available as a service for other 
researchers in the future.

We are working with partners in the IIPC to identify approaches to 
metadata production and data mining that have already been put in place, 
and we hope to be able to discuss these questions at the IIPC General 
Assembly in Stanford.

Best regards,
The BnF digital legal deposit team

Exposition  De Rouge et de Noir. Les vases grecs de la collection de Luynes  - jusqu'au 31 octobre 2015 - BnF - Richelieu Avant d'imprimer, pensez à l'environnement. 
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