[Bitrepository-devel] response / complete messages 1. optional / required 2. better names?

Bolette A Jurik bam at statsbiblioteket.dk
Fri May 6 11:07:20 CEST 2011

  Designdiskussion flyttet fra videomøde til mailing liste:

Punkt 1
Er vi enige om at
- Response messages are optional?
- Complete messages are optional from the client point of view, 
mandatory from the pillar point of view?

Hvis vi er enige skal jeg nok opdatere i hvert fald Put og Get på wikien.

Punkt 2 (message names again)
If the Complete message contains the response (either directly or as 
information that the operation has been completed and possibly an 
address) and the Response contains optional progress information along 
the way, are these good names? I think they will be difficult to 
explain, when presenting this protocol. I suggest the following names

- Identify...for<op>Request
- Identify...for<op>Response
- <op>Request
- <op>Status (instead of <op>Response) (please help me come up with a 
better name)
- <op>Response (instead of <op>Complete)

I know that the reason for calling the first response Response was that 
it made sense as a response or an acknowledgement of the Request, but as 
we have opened up for multiple response messages and then a final 
complete message the request->response model doesn't quite fit. An 
alternative would be to combine Response and Complete. This would mean 
that we have a somewhat complicated Response message with a lot of 
optional content, and a requirement of at least one such Response 
message with the content of the complete message required.

Let me know what you think.

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