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Hello Peter,

That's great news, just the start of a big aventure!
About everything should happen during the first broad crawl!

10 000 domains per job is quite big, we do only 5 000 but you probably 
have big crawlers.

If you only had a single crawler started on the Snaphsot channel, that's 
normal that only one job started.
That's very cautious. We also do this to make sure that we don't fail 
about 1000 jobs in a row...

Grey dot with no hostname means that your job is over and being 
post-processed with data transferred to the arc repository.
To check on this, look at the end of your HarvesController log file.
If everything went well, you can start another crawler, see if you are 
crawling well, and then launch your other crawlers.

Job generation can be quite long.



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This Wednesday at 11:02 we started our first NAS broad crawl, tadaa! (Pär 
has pictures showing Thomas and I pressing the mouse button, clicking on 
It started well, with the job creation process. The first job, though, 
contained only one domain – maybe because it was special, with lots of 
non-default seeds. Then there was job two, containing 9999 domains, and 
then the process continued, with 10000 domains in each job.
After that, the first snapshot job started running. But after it was 
finished, no more snapshot jobs was started.
Later, our selective harvests started and run as scheduled. But when they 
were finished, nothing seems to happen in the job finishing and job 
starting area. The “All Running Jobs” page just contains job rows with a 
grey dot (crawl finished) and no host name. But the job creation process 
continues, with now soon 100 jobs with 10000 domains each.
1)     Do you have any hints on what could have happened? Is the admin 
host so occupied with job creation that it can’t handle anything else? But 
it wasn’t during the first hours. Where could we look to find out what 
could be wrong? (In log files, of course, but what should we look for?)
We will let the job creation be finished (which will happen approximately 
Sunday after 18) and see what then happens.
Then, concerning starting a broad crawl:
2)     We were advised to just have one harvester process running when the 
snapshot harvest is activated, which we did. But when could more processes 
be started? After the first snapshot job is started? Or should we wait 
until all jobs are created?

Peter Svanberg
Technical officer
Digital Collections Department, Newspapers, Radio and Television Division 

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Phone: +46 10 709 32 78

E-mail: peter.svanberg at kb.se
Web: www.kb.se

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