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============ INVITATION FOR PARTICIPATION ================

Your are kindly invited to register for the Tutorial Webarchiving with 
NetarchiveSuite, Austrian National Library, Vienna, 22 September 2010, 
9.00 – 12.00 (during iPres week). The tutorial will be held by 
webarchiving experts from the netarchive.dk project, Bibliothèque 
nationale de France and Austrian National Library.

The NetarchiveSuite software is developed by the two national deposit 
libraries in Denmark, The Royal Library and The State and University 
Library with contributions from The Bibliothèque nationale de France and 
The Austrian National Library. It is the complete web archiving software 
package developed within the netarchive.dk project from 2004 and 
onwards. The primary function of the NetarchiveSuite is to plan, 
schedule and run web harvests of parts of the Internet. It scales to a 
wide range of tasks, from small, thematic harvests (e.g. related to 
special events, or special domains) to harvesting and archiving the 
content of an entire national domain. The NetarchiveSuite is built 
around the Heritrix web crawler, which it uses to harvest the web. More 
information about NetarchiveSuite: http://netarchive.dk/suite


* Short introduction of NetarchiveSuite
* Hands on training of the participants

Target Audience:

Developers, project managers, curators, people who want to know more 
about NetarchiveSuite.

The tutorial is free of charge. Places are limited (Room capacity is 
40). Please register by email to Michaela.Mayr at onb.ac.at until 12 
September 2010.

Mag. Michaela Mayr
Webarchiv / Abteilung für Langzeitarchivierung Österreichische 
Nationalbibliothek Josefsplatz 1
1015 Wien
Tel: (+43 1) 53 410-476
Fax: (+43 1) 53 410-610
FBG Handelsgericht Wien
michaela.mayr at onb.ac.at <mailto:michaela.mayr at onb.ac.at> 

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