[Netarchivesuite-users] HarvestTemplateApplication tool ??

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Mon Apr 6 13:48:48 CEST 2009

Hi Nicolas,


As all the NetarchiveSuite developers are on Easter vacation we'll not be able to answer your question before next week.


Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Emne: [Netarchivesuite-users] HarvestTemplateApplication tool ??



I have created a single-machine environment, starting from the quickstart scripts and modifying the configuration. I wish the following:

- use MySQL instead of Derby
- a single ArcRepository
- no IndexServerApplication, no BitArchiveApplication, no BitArchiveMonitorApplication
- 2 Harvesters

I have successfully created the MySQL database schema. However when I start the applications, the GUIApplication issues and exception during startup and exits.The root cause is the following:

dk.netarkivet.common.exceptions.UnknownID: The default order template 'default_orderxml' does not exist in the template DAO. Please use the dk.netarkivet.harvester.datamodel.HarvestTemplateApplication tool to upload this template before loading the Definitions site section in the GUIApplication
        at dk.netarkivet.harvester.webinterface.DefinitionsSiteSection.initialize(DefinitionsSiteSection.java:107)
        at dk.netarkivet.common.webinterface.GUIWebServer.addWebApplication(GUIWebServer.java:156)
        at dk.netarkivet.common.webinterface.GUIWebServer.<init>(GUIWebServer.java:100)

Debugging the code I have understood that I have to load order.xml templates into the DB.

I haven't seen any mention of this toolc in the documentation. I have set up qa quick-and-dirty Ant target to generate a JAR file, but this should be properly included in the distribution.

Could you please send me a clean Ant target that would generate the proper executable Jar file?


PS: I have attached a copy of my environment, should you want to have a look.

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