[Netarchivesuite-devel] Netarchivesuite development status 09/09 2014

Mikis Seth Sørensen mss at statsbiblioteket.dk
Mon Sep 8 08:57:25 CEST 2014

Hi all

Here is a short update on the development status of Netarchivesuite. The
current state of affairs are:

* The process of switching from JUnit3 to JUnit4 is finished and is
currently under review before merging to master
* All logging now uses slf4j as frontend and the default backend is now
logback (https://sbforge.org/jira/browse/NAS-2124)
* New code style has been defined
(https://sbforge.org/display/NAS/Coding+Guidelines), and the code has been
reformatted according to this.
* Nicholas has started to separate the harvester module code into more
focused submodules, something like: harvest-server, harvest-common,
harvest-controller, heritrix-controller og heritrix extensions. This is
done as preparation for the switch to H3.

Søren will be joining Nicholas in the H3 migration work in a months time.

The DK NetarchiveSuite Team.

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