[Netarchivesuite-curator] Update from KB DK

Sabine Schostag sas at kb.dk
Tue Dec 3 09:33:44 CET 2019

Dear all,

Hereby a brief update from Netarchive

Our 4th broad crawl for 2019 is running (included the selective crawls: very big sites, ministries and administrative bodies, scientific publications, YouTube)

We focus on extremists sites, we are working on the identification of left wing, right wing and Islamic extremist sites.

We are discussing how to give researchers access to our documentation. When we chose Confluence for our documentation we thought of giving researchers access to relevant pages, but this does not seem to be a good idea. netarkivet.dk will be the platform for giving access to relevant documentation.

Other projects keeping us busy (almost the same as last month):

*         Work on risk assessment

*         Implementation of SolR Wayback

*         Consolidation and upgrade of BCWeb (build up a community)

*         Revision of collection strategies

*         Capture of content behind paywalls - the never ending story

*         New procedure for access (both internal and external)

On behalf of the Netarchive Team

Best, Sabine

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