[Netarchivesuite-curator] Netarchive NAS update for February/March

Sabine Schostag sas at kb.dk
Mon Mar 5 11:35:46 CET 2018

Dear all!

Just a brief update from Netarchive:

At the moment a new agreement between the unions for public employees and the national, regional and local public employers has to be negotiated – and the negotiations have “crashed”. In all probability there will be strikes/lockouts.

Therefore we prepared an event crawl. Something new is, that we will involve experts from outside our organization, namely researchers from the Workers Museum. Our intention was to use BCWeb, but we have not yet fixed external access to our BCWeb. So this time we will use a Google spread sheet (the IIPC collaborative collection type)

We started our first broad crawl for 2018 – this time it will be a full broad crawl. Step 1 with a domain limit of 10 GB per domain ran from January 9 to January 21, step 2 with a limit of 12 GB per domain started on January 25 and is still running.

As to the organization of Netarchive, we have got a temporary steering committee with Tonny Skovgaard Jensen as chair and Ditte and Bjarne as members. Collin and Tue are still members of the coordinating team – and there will be employed a new main coordinator. The coordinator should have both curational and crawl engineering abilities.

On behalf of the Netarchive Team



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