[Netarchivesuite-curator] February/march NAS update from Netarchive

Sabine Schostag sas at statsbiblioteket.dk
Mon Mar 2 10:36:51 CET 2015

Dear all.

Hereby an update on the current activities at Netarchive:

 *   New event crawl: the 15th February we tarted an event crawl on the terror attack in Copenhagen on 14th  an 15th February. As the Danish News covering of the attack is captured by our selective crawls, we focused on foreign news media (we got help from IIPC members) and social media (for example new Facebook groups and new hash tags in connection to the event). We asked the Center for intercultural and regional Studies at Copenhagen University to help with url’s to pages, blogs, etc. from Jewish and Arab circles. We participated in a radio programme: There had been a debate on Facebook – an outcome of the terror attack – between the authors Yayha Hassan and Kristian Ditlev Jensen. The question was: Is such a debate relevant for Netarchive

 *   Event crawl parliamentary elections: We have boosted the ongoing crawls with nearly 10.000 politician’s profiles on social media. Probably we will use Archive-IT to collect content Heritrix can’t capture.

 *   Brad crawl: We are running step 2 of our first broad crawl for 2015. We recently had some technical problems in the end of step 1

 *   Curator meeting KB/SB: we met for two days in order to map all our operational tasks and to discuss the curator part of our action plan for 2015

 *   Fulltext search: we are establishing an interface so we can start the testing. Furthermore we have started the work for blocking materials containing personal data, both concerning data already in the archive and a procedure for future archival content We have tools to do this with wayback url-search – but not with fultext search

 *   New collection : During March the Danish public service broadcasting corporation Danmarks Radio will transfer all there video productions produced for the web only to SB

 *   Collection policy and -strategy: Kommentarer er modtaget fra Birgit, og efterbehandling laves i løbet af marts, således at en ny version er klar til næste styregruppe-møde.

Sabine Schostag
Web curator
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