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Mon Aug 10 18:09:26 CEST 2015

Hello all,

At the beginning of July, we welcomed Ariane Bouchard to the team. She is 
assisting Sophie on the subject of ebooks. Besides the deposit workflow, 
she is especially in charge of the ebooks that are harvested in the web 
crawls. On one hand, she has to build a coherent harvest about the ebook 
market in France in partnership with the rest of the Legal Deposit 
department and probably other departments of the library (we already 
collect a lot of documents and websites on this subject but it has been 
done quite randomly till now). On the other hand, she will be studying our 
web archive to establish a picture of the ebooks we already have: which 
formats? Are the historic formats represented (LIT, MOBI, etc.)? On which 
kind of websites? What should we do with these ebooks (cataloguing, 
specific indexing, etc.)? A whole new world of possibilities!
Best regards,
The BnF legal deposit team

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