[Netarchivesuite-curator] KB/SB NAS update for September/October

Sabine Schostag sas at statsbiblioteket.dk
Mon Oct 27 15:50:33 CET 2014

Dear all,

Hereby an update from Denmark:

We are working on the development of Heritrix 3, An ”alpha release” is ready to be tested – but there is still some way to go until we have a production release
We have investigated on the possibilities for a wayback setup, that supports https. Trying to involve IIPC members in a discussion on https in Wayback proxy mode didn’t result in big interest.. Now we will contact the Open Wayback developpers in in Norway.
We are migrating our wiki documentation – both the administrative data and the collection documentation to JIRA, a much more modern and flexible wiki than the old one.
We are analyzing how we can reduce the amount of captured data for our broad crawls. As we are close to exceeding our budget, we have only 10-20 TB left for 2014, our last broad crawl for 2014 will not be as in depth going as usual.
As this reduced broad crawl will take less curator resources, we will have some time to test some tools which could help us capturing content we can’t get with Heritrix.
We are still working on our collection policy and on an action plan for 2015-17
All curators will meet one day in November to revise our strategy for event crawls.


Sabine Schostag
Bibliotekar og webkurator
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