[Netarchivesuite-curator] BnF NAS update for October

peter.stirling at bnf.fr peter.stirling at bnf.fr
Wed Oct 9 09:49:54 CEST 2013

Hello all,

Here's a quick update.

Broad crawl 2013
We plan to launch our annual broad crawl at the end of October. We will be 
using NAS version 4.2 and we will have a bigger seedlist than in previous 

NAS curator roadmap
We looked again at the NAS roadmap that was drawn up with your teams at 
the beginning of 2013. Many items are already implemented in NAS version 
4.2 and a few could be added for further development. We will send you our 
proposals at the end of October to have your points of view.

Best regards,
The BnF digital legal deposit team

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