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Mayr Michaela michaela.mayr at onb.ac.at
Tue May 14 13:59:48 CEST 2013

Hi all,

·         We have been working on our politics collection, because we already had some regional elections this year and will have parliamentary elections in fall 2013. After attending the Twittervane workshop at IIPC GA I wanted to use Twittervane for the selection of sites. My experience was that the tool works, but the Austrian twitter community was not very active prior to the elections and started tweeting on the day of the event. It was interesting to analyze the tweets afterwards, but it was not helpful for selection of sites before the event.

·         Domain crawl stage 1 has been finished, stage 2 will be started soon.

·         We got new hardware and switched to NAS 4.01 for the new servers.



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