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Thu Feb 7 17:32:55 CET 2013

Hello all,

This month we'll give you an update on how we're using Twitter.

Since the end of August, the Digital Legal Deposit service of the BnF has 
had a Twitter account. At first, it was started mainly to make us more 
visible: we collect the Internet, so we had to be on it! We thought it 
would be a good way to answer questions from producers, and to inform the 
public of our activities. Plus, it would allow the members of the team who 
were present at professional events to use an official account to 
live-tweet rather than their personal accounts. A lot of professional 
institutions are already on Twitter and do a good job: information goes 
very fast and dialogue can be very instructive.

After almost 6 months of existence, we already have almost 600 followers, 
which is more than what we honestly expected!
We do communicate on our activities: the beginning of the broad harvest, 
publications, participation in scientific or technical events, statistics. 
We can see what is being said about us too. What is more instructive for 
us is the feedback and the questions of the Twitter community, on the 
harvest of particular websites, on the legal status of the archives, etc.
But this account has entered into our production workflow too.Two times 
since we started (mid-September 2012 and mid-January 2013), we have 
tweeted that producers could send us URLs via our generic email address. 
These tweets were quite successful and we have indeed received suggestions
, by email or directly on Twitter. It is difficult to estimate their 
number precisely, but there have been around 15-20. We treat these 
suggestions like others from producers in our generic mailbox: they go in
to the next "emergency harvest" (one per month) and stay in our database 
for later harvests. We plan to tweet that information on a regular basis.

How do you manage your Twitter account? If you do not have one, why? Do 
you plan to start one?

Best regards,
The BnF digital legal deposit team

Exposition  La photographie en cent chefs-d'oeuvre  - du 13 novembre 2012 au 17 février 2013 - BnF - François-Mitterrand - Galerie François I er Avant d'imprimer, pensez à l'environnement. 
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